Maximieren Sie die OT-Sicherheit mit einer konvergenten Plattform: IT- und OT-Trennung in einer einzigen Konsole

Sichern Sie die Konvergenz von IT und OT

Die Sicherung von OT-Systemen bleibt eine Herausforderung im Industriesektor und die Konvergenz von OT- und IT-Systemen gefährdet die Sicherheit. cyberelements konvergiert die Systeme Ihres Unternehmens und stellt gleichzeitig Segmentierung und vollständige Isolierungsfunktionen bereit.

Mit der Zero-Trust-Architektur von cyberelements und den Funktionen des Privileged Access Management gehören Sorgen um die Sicherheit und die Beeinträchtigung der Geschäftsleistung der Vergangenheit an:

Für alle Anwendungsfälle

Interner und externer Fernzugriff für Administratoren

Privilegierte Administratoren, die verwaltete Geräte verwenden

Drittanbieter, die ihre eigenen Tools verwenden

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Secure OT systems for the industrial sector

The cyberelements Key Features

Secure the Convergence of IT & OT Through Complete Isolation

cyberelements grants a unified experience centralizing access to both IT and OT systems . It provides a multi-gateway approach allowing the full separation of IT and OT systems, and preventing potential risks from affecting industrial processes. 

PAM for OT

Securely connect your remote users to the industrial systems using the organization’s applications and workstations with PAM functionalities such as: session recording, real time analysis, live streaming, and many more.

Zero Trust Architecture

Allow your third parties to securely access your organization’s industrial systems using their own devices and applications. cyberelements unique Zero Trust architecture allows creating secure tunnels between the external provider and your OT LAN.

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We frequently need to give access to our industrial systems for daily operational tasks and it often compromises security. Therefore, we were looking for a solution to secure our OT systems. cyberelements.io stood out on the market by allowing us to manage both our industrial and information systems through a single platform while keeping a complete isolation. With its robust PAM features and Zero Trust architecture, we can now give a highly secure access to both our service providers and our internal administrators.

No service exposed,
No credential disclosed

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The cyberelements architecture is designed to hide your organization’s most valuable assets making them invisible from the internet. Acting as a proxy between the user and the resources, the platform grants no inbound opening towards your network and no connection initiation unless the resource is being used.

Backed with the Just-in-Time feature cyberelements gives you full control over users‘ access to your assets. Only you decide when to give access, to which resources and for how much time. Limiting any unnecessary exposure. 

Go further and add an extra layer of security with the Password Vault feature which allows you to enable password rotation and automatic injection

By following this approach, you make sure that all your assets are hidden from the internet and your credentials are hidden for the users. Maximizing your organization’s security level.

Privileged Access Management
Designed for OT Security

Secure your admins‘ privileged access with the cyberelements Privileged Access Management features. The platform allows you to adapt the security level according to the situation.

Recording in a video format:

The recording feature provides you with valuable data in case of an incident, security audit, or for forensic purposes. The recordings are saved in a video format allowing you to watch them at any time. 

Real time analysis and security policies:

Get full control by setting up access policies according to your specific needs. Thanks to the advanced granularity provided by cyberelements, it is possible to allow access to only certain resources, and prohibit any unnecessary operation. The platform will automatically stop the user’s session whenever it detects a suspicious activity.

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In the industrial sector, we have various users' profiles who need to access our IT and OT systems. Thanks to the cyberelements granularity and flexibility we were able to create separate accounts: critical for privileged administrators and regular for users with no privileged access. We added the Multi-Factor Authentication for all type of users to make sure we have the right person behind the screen. cyberelements is particularly useful to save important security data such as logs and session recordings.

The Main Use Cases for The Industrial Sector