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cyberelements Partners with ABC Distribution

to Revolutionise Privileged Access Management in Europe

cyberelements, the Zero Trust Privileged Access Management (PAM) platform, today announces its strategic partnership with leading technology distributor, ABC Distribution heralding a new era in access security across Europe and beyond. cyberelements’ pioneering Zero PAM platform is set to transform how organisations secure access for standard and privileged users to critical business applications and assets.

The significance of secure access on business performance is paramount. Seamless connectivity to applications instils operational efficiency, enabling workforces to function at their best. ensures rapid setup and access to IT/OT systems, a process that takes mere minutes for end users and IT service providers. The platform seamlessly integrates remote access for regular users and PAM for critical users, whether internal or external to the organisation

“cyberelements brings a new era in access security by making it not only effective but also accessible to businesses of all sizes,” comments, Chris Walsh, Managing Director of ABC Distribution. “This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower organisations to enhance their security posture.”

Traditional cybersecurity tools often present challenges in configuration and integration, leading to gaps in protections. While detection and response solutions are vital, the cornerstone of defence lies in Zero Trust principles. Industry experts agree that Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) should converge in a unified platform to ensure the enforcement of robust Zero Trust security policies.

Jonathan Fussner, Head of cyberelements, said, “After a decade in the cybersecurity domain, our team is proud to introduce the first Zero Trust access security SaaS Platform in Europe. We understand the daily challenges faced by CISOs and CIOs, and our platform addresses these concerns head-on. Easy, swift, and secure access is pivotal to driving business performance.”

With cyberelements, businesses can establish secure access for all users, both regular and privileged, in a matter of minutes. This approach embraces the Zero Trust paradigm, considering identity and context as the new security perimeter, revolutionising access security in the European market.

ABC Distribution brings a wealth of experience in supporting vendors from initial market entry to mainstream adoption. The company’s expertise extends to working with both innovative startups and established challengers in the technology landscape.

The partnership between ABC Distribution and cyberelements sets a new s access security, offering organisations a streamlined and robust solution to digital perimeters.

To discuss how you can secure your business with cyberelements, visit the team at International Cyber Expo 2023 (26-27 September 2023) at Olympia London on Stand L40.

About cyberelements

Systancia is the company behind, used by organisations across the globe to secure all the IT/OT access and drive their performance. Organisations of all shapes and sizes turn to Systancia products to support their most business-critical initiatives.




About ABC Distribution

Founded in 2020, ABC Distribution is a forward-thinking technology distribution company with a proven track record in guiding vendors from initial market entry to widespread adoption. With a focus on collaborating with both “innovator” startups and established “challenger” vendors, ABC Distribution brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

ABC Distribution recognizes the challenges associated with vendor selection. Our mission is to mitigate these risks by providing vendors with knowledgeable, credible representation.

This ensures reduced costs and minimises the potential for costly false starts that can significantly impact a vendor’s long-term success.

The company is driven by a clear-cut mission: to offer the channel access to well-funded, game-changing technologies that facilitate market differentiation and deliver rapid return on investment. By partnering with ABC Distribution, disruptive vendors not only reduce their operational costs and exposure but also gain the means to cultivate a profitable and scalable partner ecosystem.


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