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In response to highly destructive attacks authorities are enforcing stricter cybersecurity regulations and recommending advanced security measures, expanding the range of concerned sectors.

cyberelements is the key to compliance and to meet various regulations using a converged platform. From securing critical data (on-premises or in the cloud) to safely managing privileged accounts, our solution covers many compliance capabilities with: 

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The cyberelements Key Features

Privileged Access Management
for Compliance and Insurance

Compliance is a key step in the path of cyber-insurance. Complying to the cybersecurity standards related to your organization’s activity sector can be required by law, as the case of NIS2.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is included in most cybersecurity standards and is mandatory for most cyber-insurance policies.

cyberelements, as a Zero Trust PAM solution, allows you to comply to cybersecurity standards and get access to the most beneficial cyber-insurance policies:

Identity based access control allowing you to create policies that grant and deny access to resources based on the user’s identity.

Just-in-Time access provides a granular possibility of control by granting access to resources only for a specific period of time.

Discover how cyberelements helps you with cyber-insurance → helped our organization improve our cyber-insurance policy at a mininal cost possible. As a company from the financial sector, we are required to comply to strict standards. This is why we needed a highly secure Privileged Aaccess Management solution. We chose cyberelements because it made it possible to increase our security level without compromising user experience or our business performance.

Secure Your Most Critical Data
With cyberelements

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Data protection, credential management, and reporting are main pillars of compliance.

cyberelements provide a wide range of security features allowing you to go beyond compliance.

Password vault with automatic injection and password rotation to protect your organization’s credentials.

The session monitoring and real time analysis allow you to ensure the full protection of your organization’s critical data. cyberelements automatically stops any suspicious activity in attempt of accessing sensitive data.

Session recording and access audit trails are securely stored for forensic purposes in case of a breach or for reporting and auditing.

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Active Directory Tiering
The Three Tiers Model

Most National Cyber Security Agencies (CISA, NCSC, ANSSI, BSI) recommand the Three Tiers Model to secure a managed Information System (IS) based on a Microsoft Active Directory. The model is a privileged account management model designed to secure the active directory configuration.

The essence is to segregate the administrators’ access to the different segments of the IT systems (the AD segment, the infrastructure and server computing segment, and the end user computing segment). The main goal is to ensure full separation and therefore avoid any lateral movement possible.


In addition to a personal account where administrators access their business applications, the three other accounts should be used.

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