MSP Access

Efficiently manage your clients’ systems with single multi-gateways solution

Offer Secure Services to your Clients

MSPs access is at high risk of supply chain attacks. With cyberelements, eliminate the risk of any contamination and securely connect your administrators to your clients systems. 

With our Zero Trust Multi-Gateway platform you can deliver your services to the totality of your clients within one single solution. Privileged Access Management for MSP offers you: 

What’s in it for you?

Seamlessly scale up your business

Improve operators' productivity

Upgrade your business offer

Centralize access to all your clients

The cyberelements Key Features

Provide The Best User Experience
With The Seamless Access Mode

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At cyberelements we believe that user experience is the key to business performance.

The single sign-on functionality allows your admins to seamlessly authenticate to their applications.

The transparent access mode highly enhances user experience. IT admins can use the tools they have in place without changing their habits. 

To set it up you simply need to declare the resources you would like to give direct access to and assign the users who are allowed to use it.

Full security is ensured at all time with cyberelements regardless the access mode. Through the admin console you can enable the session recording feature for the sessions you decide to track.

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Multi-Gateway Approach
For The Totality of Your Clients

Organizations are legaly required  to ensure supply chain security by mandating high security level from any third party. Specific security clauses about access and data security are called for in legal contracts whenever an organization work with an external service provider.

cyberelements is built on a Zero Trust architecture allowing you to offer highly secure services without compromising business performance.

Through a converged platform, not only you can access and manage your clients’ networks but on-board new administrators. Therefore, easily scaling up your business at any time.

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As a service provider, we work with various clients from different industries which are subject to strict security regulations. We needed a secure solution that would allow us to connect to our clients' networks. We were looking for a user friendly platform providing management capabilities given the high number of clients we manage. We chose cyberelements, the only security platform enhancing business performance. We were able to seamlessly on-board our admins and publish their tools without the need to adjust their habits.

Set Access Policies
According to Security Risk

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Thanks to the Zero Trust approach provided by cyberelements, users get access only to the resources they need and only for the time they need to accomplish their tasks. 

Users get just the privileges they need, for the time they need them, and no privilege is left behind after the user has finished the session.
cyberelements goes beyond privilege management : connection to the managed application is enacted only at the time of the use of the application. With cyberelements, the zero-trust principle is pushed to its ultimate end : least connection, JIT connection, zero-standing connection.

From the cyberelements admin console, you can configure policies to restrict which activities a user can do in which context. Access is granted dynamically, according to the user context. In case of a suspicious action, you will be notified and the user will not be paused or interrupted.

A set of functionalities are available to give you complete control such as  just-in-time access which allows to give a user access to a specific resource for a specific period of time, with the approval through workflow by a supervisor.

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