Privileged Access Management platform for MSPs

Securely connect to your current and new clients’ IT systems and deliver value added services from a converged platform including:

> Privileged Access Management Features

> Secure Remote Privileged Access

> Multi-Factor Authentication & Single Sign-On

with cyberelements, secure all your business & privileged users and instantly give access to IT and OT systems. 

    Tailored for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

    Web-based converged platform, easy to deploy, scalable, and collaborative

    Centralized View &
    Increased efficiency

    A unified console to centralize your entire clients base management. Multi-Gateways connected to a single platform

    Easily Scale Up &
    Grow your Business

    Seamlessly scale up and manage new clients, new IT administrators, and add unlimited new resources

    Upgrade Business Offer with Stronger Security

    Include secure privileged access to your business offers & establish trust with your clients

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    See how we are helping MSPs meeting their new security standards

    “Our VPN was not enough anymore; PAM solutions became the new norm. It's a must for a service provider to secure the access when connecting to customer’s infrastructure”
    Role: Infrastructure manager | IT Services provider


    Zero Trust Architecture to Secure your Privileged Access

    Enable your platform in less than 3 minutes

    Enable your Zero Trust PAM platform in 3 minutes!

    And learn how cyberelements can help you securely manage your clients IT & OT systems

    > Connect all users to apps and resources, anywhere

    > Get full visibility on user behaviors and actions in real-time

    > Restrict user access or actions based on user and device context

    > Run on a full zero trust access policy

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    Try the cyberelements key features and many more

    Session Monitorng & Real Time Analysis

    cyberelements tracks in real time activities, detects and block any suspicious behaviour.

    Organization & Personal Password Vault

    Securely store all your credentials and keys. Define the right credentials to inject on the right session.

    Identity-Based Access


    Create policies to determine which applications & systems groups can access, and how.

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