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Press Release

November 15, 2023

cyberelements Launches an Attractive Program for MSPs

Since its launch at the beginning of the year, cyberelements has met great success in Europe, delivering business performance with cyber trust, with its “ready in 3 minutes” platform. We solve the c-level executives’ impossible equation of speed to compliance, shortage of competences, integration of disparate tools, inflation of budgets and costs.

This success is driven by our partners network, including MSPs which are increasingly called upon by customers to reduce costs, improve performance, agility and flexibility, and above all, effectively offset the shortage of cybersecurity experts by outsourcing to specialists.

cyberelements enables MSSPs to add another string to their bow, and MSPs to rapidly develop an MSSP offering, gaining a real competitive advantage with a Zero Trust PAM platform which they can get started in 3 minutes. This self-service 3 minutes deployment also significantly reduces the sales cycles. cyberelements enacts access – and connection – to the resource only on explicit grant, with the lowest level of privilege for the action to be performed, according to a dynamic access policy that takes into account the user’s context and behavior. It ensures secure access, whether to IT or OT resources, internal or external IT resources, from organization’s owned terminals or users’ BYOD.

That’s why cyberelements launches an MSP Program, meeting MSP context and expectations. It offers a business model designed for MSPs, with an attractive and flexible MSP pricing model, which grows the MSP’s margin as the business grows. The MSP will use the cyberelements product itself to offer a service to its customers and buys licenses from cyberelements which it sublicenses to its customers. It receives an unlimited license to allow it to develop the use of the platform (and associated service) across its customers without any limit. It declares to cyberelements every month the cumulative number of licenses used by all of its customers. A fee will be reported depending on the total number of concurrent users across all customers – which can go up and down according to customer acquisition or churn.

By offering its customers the most complete and competitive cybersecurity offer possible, with a rapid sales and implementation cycle, this MSP program will bring immediate value and greater strategic alignment to partner network.

With this program, cyberelements partner network will benefit from joint go-to-market and enablement initiatives to increase revenues by offering customers the ability to deploy easy, fast and secure access to drive more business performance.

About cyberelements

Systancia is the company behind, used by organizations across the globe to secure all the IT/OT access and drive their performance. Organizations of all shapes and sizes turn to Systancia products to support their most business-critical initiatives.

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