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Press Release

Press Release – 15th February 2023

Birth of the first European Zero Trust PAM SaaS platform, the Zero Trust Privileged Access Management (PAM) platform, emerges as the first European platform of its kind, securing the access of standard and privileged users to their business applications and critical assets.

There is a direct impact between secure access and business performance: if workforces are immediately connected to their applications in full trust, the business operates with much more efficiency.

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to an organization to set up an access to their IT/OT systems for its end users and IT service providers. Through its unified experience, the platform delivers both remote access for regular users and PAM for critical users, whether internal to the organization or external from their ecosystem. This is the promise delivered by

Organizations tend to deploy way many cybersecurity tools, which are complex to configure and to integrate with each other, leaving gaps in cybersecurity protections. Detection and response solutions are needed, for sure: but the best preventive response to the cybersecurity threat is Zero Trust.

According to IT analysts, Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions should come together in a single platform, to ensure CISOs and CIOs that Zero Trust security policies are defined and enforced as expected.

The cyber risk has become the top business risk. We needed to improve our cyber security posture and our cyber insurance was pushing. The cyberelements solution was implemented in a couple of hours!

With cyberelements, access security is now affordable for all businesses. If most large organizations are equipped with security protection solutions, it was, until now, more challenging for many organizations to tackle access security as a whole: remote access, privilege access, identity management and access management.

With a track record of ten years in cybersecurity, cyberelements ‘team is very proud to deliver to the market the first and only Zero Trust access security SaaS Platform in Europe. We hear every day the burden from CISOs and CIOs, struggling with cybersecurity talents, skills, budgets, operations, .... This is what drove us to build this platform: easy, fast and secure access delivers business performance

Now, with, any business can set up a secure access to all their business and privileged users within a few minutes, so that they can access their IT or OT systems within seconds, applying the Zero Trust” paradigm, considering identity and context as the new security perimeter.

Cybersecurity analyst & CEO at The Cyber Hut, Simon Moffatt, is joining cyberelements team for the official launch event on Feb-21st 1PM London time. In this industry webinar, Simon Moffatt and Jonathan Fussner will discuss the journey to a modern zero-trust IAM platform and how that drives both business performance and security.

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Systancia is the company behind, used by organizations across the globe to secure all the IT/OT access and drive their performance. Organizations of all shapes and sizes turn to Systancia products to support their most business-critical initiatives.