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Connect cyberelements to Azure AD

cyberelements offers an Azure AD connection functionality that allows you to seamlessly synchronize your Azure AD to the platform. Setting up an SAML domain is done in collaboration with our team. 

In section we are going through all steps needed to get the synchronizing up and running. 

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Certificate Base 64
  • Azure ID Identifier
  • Federation Metadata XML

When these elements are received by our team, we will provide a connection URL to your AD and the following information to be set up in your application:

  • Identifier ID
  • Reply URL
  • Logout URL

In AzureAD, we now need to configure cyberelements

First, start by declaring the cyberelements application in AzureAD and activate an SAML authentication for it.

In the “single sign-on” menu, enter the information related to cyberelements:




Identity AD:

Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL):

Sign on URL:

Logout URL:










Next, add the user groups that can connect to the application and define the user attributes used by Azure AD to connect to the application:

In “Users and Groups”, manually add the groups that will be able to connect to the application.

In “Single Sign On”, go to “User Attributes & Claims”.

Add the groups attribute
   > Check “Groups assigned to the application”.
   > In “Source attribute”, select “Group ID”.
   > Check “Customize the name of the group claim” then enter “groups” in the “Name (required)” field.

Proceed with the AzureAD synchronisation.

Now add the SAML in the cyberelements console:


To note:

No need to enter a Microsoft domain
Maximum number of connections: must be the same as the contract
Identity Provider: it looks like this:
Group name variable: saml-groups
Login variable: saml-name
Identity Provider : Azure


When you start the synchronisation, the following window appears:

You will need to authenticate on Azure to have access to the groups. For that, you need to use the link and the code provided.

Once the Azure authentication is done, you have to wait a few more moments. Then the synchronisation ends. 

After closing the window, refresh the list of domains and the new groups appear.

If it takes too long to authenticate to Azure, check if the code has expired. 

Now that Azure AD is synchronized with cyberelements, the groups can be seamlessly used for several applications. 

Would like to learn more? Book a meeting with our experts.

Try the Azure AD feature in cyberelements

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