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Limit resources access to business hours only

In this section we are going to cover the procedure to limit a set of resources’ access to business hours

This is an example of the Access Conditions functionality available in cyberelements, in particular, the date-based condition.

The access condition validates if the user is trying to connect within the configured time interval and allows or denies user access to resources in cyberelements.

An access condition must always be assigned to an access contract to be effective. This way, only the users and resources of the access contract in question will be affected by the limitation.

Configure the access condition in 3 steps

Step 1 - Open the Access Policies menu

To begin, open the following menu.

Step 2 - Add an access condition

Then, add an access condition.

Fill in the required parameters: condition type, name, description, access (allow/deny)

Step 3 - Set up a date condition

Choose date as condition type.

At least one of the following options should be checked: 

  • Date: select from the calendar or enter the starting and the ending date.
  • Hour: enter the starting and the ending hour.
  • Month: all months are selected by default.
  • Day of the week: all days are selected by default. 

Notes: The options can be correlated to allow or deny the access. E.g. The access can be denied on weekends between 6 and 10 pm in December and January.

Activate the access condition

Step 1 - Start the activation

The access condition can now be activated in the Access Policies section.

Step 2 - Select the "Business Hours" condition

In the “Access Conditions” tab, select the “Business Hours” access condition that we created just before by dragging and dropping it in the list on the right.

From now, users linked to this access contract will only have access to the linked applications during the time slots configured in the “Business hours” condition.

Outside these time slots, the contracted applications icons will not be displayed on the user portal.


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